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The new way to smoke: VitaStik® - the Vitamin Vaporizer

What is VitaStik®? VitaStik® is a new innovative, nicotine and tobacco-free vitamin vaporizer. Instead of toxic chemicals, VitaStik® provides you with great tastes, supplemented with vitamins, natural aromas derived from organically grown plants. A simple and gentle process transforms the liquid into vapour. You can smoke the VitaStik® – the Vitamin Vaporizer without dealing with the nasty cigarette smell afterwards.

You will smoke no harmful tar or nicotine, only Vitamin A, B, C and E, as well as  CoQ10. Through a careful design process, VitaStik® convinces with an exceptionally slim form. Only natural aromas, water vapour and important vitamins, no frills! This is why VitaStik® is better than any normal electronic cigarette.

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Pure, clean vapour. With VitaStik® you only inhale vitamins and natural, organic aromas. No harmful substances like nicotine, smoke or tar have been added. VitaStik® is the healthy alternative to your classic cigarette or any electronic cigarette and can even help you to give up smoking. Simply substitute the ashtray aroma for fruity flavour.


Due to the simple, modern design, VitaStik® – the Vitamin Vaporizer will naturally adapt perfectly to your individual style. Every VitaStik® is made from 100% rust-free stainless steel. New colours and aromas are added continuously, giving you the pleasure of discovery.


VitaStik® – the Vitamin Vaporizer has been proven to be chock-full of Vitamin A, B, C and E as well as CoQ10, terpenes and phytonutrients. Our finely-tuned, gentle vaporisation process allows for the preservation of the vitamins. The VitaStik® vitamins are absorbed via the mucose membrane of the oral cavity. You shouldn’t quit apples just yet, but our technicians are constantly improving the technology.


Demanding design, vitamins and no unpleasant smell. VitaStik® – the Vitamin Vaporizer can be used nearly everywhere – no matter whether you’re in a club or a restaurant. It provides you with up to 500 drags. You need a break and don’t want to use it all the time? No problem at all – simply put it down and pick it up again when and wherever you want!

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